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Reset forgotten LON-CAPA password

If you are an MSU student, staff or faculty you will use the following to login to LON-CAPA:

Do not enter your MSU email address as username, just use the part before the @msu.edu, which is your MSUNetID (e.g., sparty).

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive in LON-CAPA, and your MSUNetID is all lower case.

If you need to change your MSUNet password, please visit: https://netid.msu.edu

Note: the "Forgot Password?" utility in LON-CAPA can not be used to reset an MSUNet password. The utility is for use by users for whom the username is not an MSUNetID, so it is not for use by MSU students, staff and faculty using LON-CAPA.

Three conditions must be met:

LON-CAPA domain:
LON-CAPA username:
E-mail address in LON-CAPA: